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SCAAP Scholarship Qualifications Application

Established and Recommended 2012

The SCAAP board has created a scholarship fund from moneys donated in

honor of Nora Johnson, past president, Jeri Monteiro, past president, 

Chuck Donaldson (husband of past President Roxanne Donaldson), and

Roxanne Donaldson, Past President.


1. Be a member in good standing.

2. Must be employed by a healthcare, facility, skilled, retirement, assisted living and adult day care

Requirements for Applying:

Submit a letter stating what you feel are the goals and benefits of attending  Events.

The board has two ( 2) full scholarships available for two (2) qualified activity professionals

 The SCAAP board will review and make their decisions at their board meeting.

You will be notified when the decision is made.

Include your Name, address, phone number, email address and current facility

Please contact: Laurie to apply.

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