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Activity Leader  Courses

Each course is individually reviewed by the California Department of Public Health

Location: Orange County or Long Beach area
Instructors: Laurie Kjar, CTRS, Cathy Allen , ACC, CTRS, Shari Berger OTR
Phone contact for dates, times, & place: Laurie Kjar (714) 269-7103 or Cathy Allen (714) 376-6169
Email: activityconsultingandtraining@gmail.com

Website:  http://rtcconnect.com/

Location: Pasadena Area
Instructors: Rebecca Birotte, M.A., CTRS
Phone contact for dates, times, & place: (818) 209-2704 
Email: Rbirotte@SBCGlobal.net
Website: www.Healthysolutionsgroup.net

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