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 About Southern California Association of Activity Professionals

The Scoop About Us

The Southern California Association Of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) is committed to providing excellence in support services to activity professionals as a means of continually enhancing the quality of life for all populations we serve.
Education • Industry relations • Information exchange • Peer association • Peer recognition • Professional advocacy • Professional ethics • Representation • Resource availability • Self-improvement assistance • Service opportunities • Standards of practice • Therapeutic values


Our Story

Two official associations represent Activity Professionals in the state of California. The Southern California Association of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) covers the 10 Southern California counties including San Luis Obispo. The Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators (NCCAC) covers the counties north of San Luis Obispo.
SCAAP began early in 1980 when several Southern California Activity Professionals met to organize.

The first official membership election and convention were held in June of 1981, under the name of Southern California Council of Activity Coordinators (SCCAC).  Membership has grown steadily since conception.

In March 1994 the name was changed to the Southern California Association of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) to reflect the diversity of the growing profession.

Many local activity associations and Activity Professionals from surrounding states provide support and resources to SCAAP. With their ongoing assistance, the Association serves many Activity Professionals each year.


Officers & Chair Persons

SCAAP Board Members and Chairperson 2019-2020

Kerry Whelan, President

Donna Glenn, Past President, By-Laws Chair

Laurie Kjar-Riess , Vice President

Rachel Robinson, Director of Social Media & Website

Minnie Groel, Director of Public Relations

, Secretary

Loren Apadoca, Treasurer

, Director of Membership

Melissa Betancourt, Director of Resources

Dennis Hiebert, Awards Chair