You're our Heroes 

You all are doing an amazing job, our activities look a little different these days. Many of us are doing duties that we normally do not do. SCAAP just wants to thank you for all you do. 

  Thank you,

    SCAAP Board 

SCAAP President’s Message – Spring 2020




Dear SCAAP members;


Thank you for attending our Fall Symposium and providing great feedback on speakers and location information to the SCAAP board. I wanted to pass on information about the loss of one of our Founding members of SCAAP. Ann Roberts was an amazing activity professional, she helped navigate our members through the early days of Title 22 and OBRA. Ann will be missed greatly by all who knew her. We also lost “the History Lady” Jeanette Way. She provided wonderfully entertaining and educational programs to many of our seniors.


Here are some updates for our Members;

  • SUMMER SYMPOSIUM- We look forward to seeing you all at our Summer Symposium on June 13th, in Santa Barbara. We are working to work with speakers and offer topics you indicated were important to you. Thank you Dorie Rodriguez for allowing SCAAP to utilize your beautiful campus. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer to assist with either symposium. In the near future, please check our website   

  • BOARD POSITION NEEDED- We are looking for the board position of Secretary to take minutes, send correspondence, provide input and attend monthly meetings (via face to face or phone conference.) We are looking for someone who is organized and has great computer skills.  We are also looking for an Awards Chair and an Elections Chair.

  • BY-LAWS- The SCAAP By-laws have been updated and approved by general membership. Thank you to the committee and the chairperson Donna Glenn. We feel they were updated to reflect all the new social media new technology happening in today’s world. If you would like a copy please contact the board at and we will gladly send you a copy.

  • Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our Board meetings. They are held monthly at various locations or via conference calls. The board is flexible and willing to train and mentor anyone that is interested. Please contact any board member for specific information. You can send an email to website and we will get back to you in a timely manner.


Kerry Whelan AD, BA

SCAAP President

Director of Life Enrichment of Skilled, Assisted Living and Memory Care


Latest Community/Employee Updates: this is from our community and administration.

⚫    Minimize air and cruise travel, especially to affected regions. If you do travel to another country, you are required to advise Human Resources before returning to work

⚫    DO NOT come to work if you are sick, or have sick family members in your home
Wash your hands with soap and water immediately upon entering the community. In addition, it is important to continue washing your hands throughout the day and use alcohol based hand sanitizers

⚫    Employee buffets have been cancelled

⚫  Per Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services recommendations, additional protocols are being implemented at Health Centers to further screen and restrict visitors

⚫    All secondary perimeter entrance points to Health Center will be locked down to funnel visitors through main entrances that are staffed

We ask you to be especially vigilant with any of your own activity outside the community and engage in safe communal practices when you return. We will continue to receive updates and information from our resources and our partnerships with public health experts and updating you when new relevant information is available.

CDC Info and Other Updates - Additional guidance has been provided for:

⚫    Older adults

⚫    People who have serious chronic medical conditions

⚫    Travel

⚫    Large gatherings over 250 people

CDC advises all persons to consider following the guidance below:

⚫   Stock up on supplies.

⚫   Take everyday precautions to keep space between yourself and others.

⚫   When you go out in public, keep away from others who are sick, limit close contact and wash your hands often.

⚫  Avoid crowds as much as possible.

⚫   Avoid cruise travel and non-essential air travel.

⚫   During a COVID-19 outbreak in your community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed.

In addition, the CDC has provided strategies to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF). For the most up-to-date information, visit

 About Southern California Association of Activity Professionals

The Scoop About Us

The Southern California Association Of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) is committed to providing excellence in support services to activity professionals as a means of continually enhancing the quality of life for all populations we serve.
Education • Industry relations • Information exchange • Peer association • Peer recognition • Professional advocacy • Professional ethics • Representation • Resource availability • Self-improvement assistance • Service opportunities • Standards of practice • Therapeutic values


Our Story

Two official associations represent Activity Professionals in the state of California. The Southern California Association of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) covers the 10 Southern California counties including San Luis Obispo. The Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators (NCCAC) covers the counties north of San Luis Obispo.
SCAAP began early in 1980 when several Southern California Activity Professionals met to organize.

The first official membership election and convention were held in June of 1981, under the name of Southern California Council of Activity Coordinators (SCCAC).  Membership has grown steadily since conception.

In March 1994 the name was changed to the Southern California Association of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) to reflect the diversity of the growing profession.

Many local activity associations and Activity Professionals from surrounding states provide support and resources to SCAAP. With their ongoing assistance, the Association serves many Activity Professionals each year.


Officers & Chair Persons

SCAAP Board Members and Chairperson 2020-2021

Kerry Whelan, President

Donna Glenn, Past President, By-Laws Chair

Laurie Kjar , Vice President

Joan Flannigan , Past Vice President Director of Professional Development

Rachel Robinson, Director of Social Media & Webmaster

Minnie Groel, Director of Public Relations

Open , Secretary

Loren Apadoca, Treasurer

Marcelle Penn Mathis, Director of Membership

Melissa Betancourt, Director of Resources

Open, Awards Chair

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