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Presidents Message

The Southern California Association of Activity Professionals (SCAAP) Board of Directors would
hope you had a great National Activity Professional's Week. We recognize that you have a

vitally important profession. We appreciate and honor your dedication to the activity
profession and all that you do to inspire, engage, and enrich the lives of those you serve! This
week of celebration is well deserved for all of you.

As we begin 2024, it’s with immense pride that I recognize that the SCAAP Board will be in its
44th year!  As the SCAAP President, Activity Consultant and Educator of the 36 Hour Course, I
feel it’s important to share a little history of Southern California's Activity Professionals
leadership. You are an important part of its future!

The Southern California Association of Activity Coordinators (SCAAC) was established in 1980.
SCAAP legally changed the association's name to the Southern California Association of Activity
Professionals to recognize all activity professionals.

The National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) was also established in 1980. SCAAC's
first President, Rachel Dill, was a member of the NAAP Start-up Committee.  
The Activity Profession has seen many changes since the California Department of Public Health
(CDPH) implemented Title 22. These regulations, including Activity Department Regulations,
became law in 1977. Interestingly enough, there have been NO changes to the Activity
Regulations in Title 22 since they were instituted. However, CMS Activity Regulations
(F679-80), which were instituted in 1987, are continually being revised. F679, “Activities meet
the interests/needs of each resident” and F680 “Qualifications of Activity Professional” were
added to the “Quality of Life” Group Category in the CMS Regulations. SCAAP has had several
opportunities to present recommended revisions for Title 22, but we have yet to meet with
success. Although Title 22 regulations have never been revised, they still provided well needed
regulatory oversight for the activity program. SCAAP continues to support the ever-changing
needs and growth of the activity profession.
We are continually changing with the times to ensure that activity professionals provide the highest quality of life for those they serve.

After I became an activity professional in California in 1987, I quickly became aware of SCAAP. I
was so inspired by the board’s dedication and passion that I became involved. Board
members/Presidents like Joan Flannigan, Rachel Dill, Donna Glenn, Kerry Whelan, Dennis
Heibert, Marie Slaton, Karen Skipper, Diane Moody, and Ann Roberts were true mentors and
advocates for SCAAP. I am proud to serve as President of this amazing association. As a
consultant for over 35 years, I have seen the struggles and successes of activity professionals on
a daily basis. I am so proud of how activity professionals inspire, innovate, and evolve. SCAAP
will always make sure to give you the training, support, and resources you need to continue to

2024 will bring more changes to SCAAP. The board has decided not to host one annual
symposium. We are instead planning to provide regional symposia in Santa Barbara,
Long Beach/Orange County, and San Diego throughout the year. We want our live educational
sessions to be conveniently located to our member’s locations. We will be putting our schedule
together soon with some dynamic speakers and resources.
SCAAP’s Webmaster, Rhonda Hernandez, has worked diligently to make our website more user
friendly and professional. Please take the time to find us at

Laurie Kjar-Reiss, CTRS
SCAAP President


2024 SCAAP

Speakers and Topics are posted on our Education Page

Please contact Kregg Kjar, Director of Professional Development, if you are interested in speaking or have a speaker or topic recommendation at

we would like to announce the winner of the 2023 scaap contest for national activity professional week

KAY RICHMOND, Recreational Therapist, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA

I am submitting an Out of the Box submission. I am a SCAAP member, a Recreation Therapist, working with physical rehabilitation patients and former patients. 

I created an instructional, fun YouTube video to teach participants how to Create a Sand Terrarium. 

Participants signed up, received a zoom link and written instructions ahead of time.

The workshop included time to meet. Everyone watched the video and I was on the zoom call to interact and answer questions.

The video/zoom format has been well received. 


Enjoy this video on How to Create a Sand Terrarium



Feel Free to reach out to her for hand-written instructions or any further information:


Sponsored by: SCAAP


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